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Panel Detector Plano para Radiografía Digital YSDR-GOS

Modos de trabajo configurables, posibilidad alambrica e inalámbrica, bajo consumo, puede ser operada continuamente más de 12 horas(1 imagen x minuto)sin recargarla. Adaptable a todos los generadores(AGA), detección automática de exposición(AED)
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Panel Detector Plano para Radiografía Digital YSDR-GOSYSFPD1717M

Panel Detector Plano para Radiografía Digital YSDR-GOSYSFPD1717M Panel Detector Plano para Radiografía Digital YSDR-GOSYSFPD1717M

*Fully transformable
Fully transformable working modes have made 1417AGA suitable for various DR application. In STA mode where Relay Box(RB)is used, the connection between PC and RB, and the connection between RB and FP, can both be either wired or wireless; In AP mode where RB is not used, the connection between PC and FP can also be wired or wireless. All the 6 working modes can be freely switched from one to another.

With power consumption as low as 5w, 1417AGA can be continuously operated for more than 12 hours(1 image per minute) without charging, sufficient for a long and busy day of a crowded X-ray room. Meanwhile, the ultra low power consumption facilitatesless temperature rise, henceless electronic noise and longer product life.
*AGA(ALLGenerator Adaptable)
Assisted by the programmable Relay Box,the widely configurable exposure window ,and the highly consistent image quality under various customized image acquisition timing sequence, 1417AGA can be easily adapted to virtually all existing generators.
*AED, Full lmage
1417AGA can automatically synchronize image acquisition with the x-ray exposure without any connection to the generator. The Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) function is realized through the flat panel detector itself, instead of any separate exposure sensor. Therefore the detection is highly sensitive throughout the full imaging area.
*RIA(Reliable lmage Acquisition)

1417AGA is embedded with the design of reliable communication and data integrity. RIA(Reli-able Image Acquisition)include: commands and feedbacks are transmitted through a special RUDP protocol to guarantee lossless and small-latency communication; Image data are transmitted through optimized TCP/IP protocol to ensure integrity; Even in the extreme case when internet connection is completely lost, the image data can still be safely saved to the internal storage and later on trans mitted when the internet connection recovers.
1417AGA is equipped the latest 802.11ac wireless standard. With up to 1G bps speed, a full resolution image can be transmitted within 1s.

Image Processiing System ( Chinese And English Two Versions)

*Fast image processing with one click function
*Grid artifact filtering function
*Wireless access to PACS / PDA or Worklist
*Can be individually optimized for different objects
*Image stitching
*Versions Available for Human Medical,Veterinarian and Industrial testing
Digital Radiography Flat Detector YSDR-GOSDigital Radiography Flat Detector YSDR-GOSDigital Radiography Flat Detector YSDR-GOSDigital Radiography Flat Detector YSDR-GOS

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A fines de 2017, cargamos el primer equipo médico de 40 pies en contenedores a Ruanda, que incluye un sistema de mamografía, una máquina de rayos X de brazo en C y una máquina digital de rayos X.
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