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Equipo de Rayos X de alta frecuencia con brazo en C YSX-C35

Combina tubo de Rayos X y generador, Con intensificador de imagen Toshiba de 9”, rendimiento estable, obtenga imágenes claras con la dosis mínima de radiación, previniendo daños a pacientes y profesionales del sector.
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Equipo de Rayos X de alta frecuencia con brazo en C YSX-C35

Equipo de Rayos X de alta frecuencia con brazo en C YSX-C35

Equipo de Rayos X de alta frecuencia con brazo en C YSX-C35

Main Features: 
1. Combined X-ray tube & generator, 9” Toshiba Image Intensifier. With stable performance, it can get the clearest images with minimum dose, greatly reducing the potential harm of X-ray to clinicians and patients. 
2. Bilateral control panel for facilitating all kinds of orthopedic operation & other surgery in real-time video. 
3. The vertical and horizontal movements and rotation of C-arm are all electric maneuvered. 
4. Micro-computer controller featured with failure self-diagnostic function, easy maintenance. 
5. Digital interfaces optionally equipped with image Collection & Storage Workstation, directly upgrade the digital image system to provide a short cut for your heavy file management.
6. Being the highest cost-effective machine, the price will absolutely make you satisfied. (Quotation upon reply)

Technology parameters

Specifications (Italy) IMD 3.5KW\110KV\40KHZ
C-arm X-ray tube focus-distance between Image Intensifier(SID) 100cm
C-arm rotation ±180°
C-arm bracket rotation(rotation around horizontal axis) 115°
Vertical movement 400mm(electro motion)
Backward-forward movement 200mm(electro motion)
Rotation around vertical axis ±12.5°
X-ray generator Fluoroscopy mode 40-110KV(Step length-1KV) 0.1-5mA
Pulse-fluoroscopy mode 40-110KV(Step length-1KV) 0.1-10mA
Radiography mode 40-110KV(Step length-1KV) 23-71mA
Digital exposure mode 40-110KV(Step length-1KV) 0.1-20mA
X-ray tube unit   (Stationary anode) 0.6*0.6mm 1.5*1.5mm
Anode heat capacity   30KJ(40KHU)
Heat capacity of assembled head   500KJ(667KHU)
Collimator   Changeable field, auto-tack, double leaves
Image intensifier Standard incidence entrance 9’’ Metal Screen Intensifier
TV system CCD radiography Interlace-scanning CCD radiography system
Monitor   14" progressive-scanning monitor
Power supply Single-phase AC power supply 220V\50HZ\20A
Capacity   4KVA
Image storage   12-Image storage,8-frame noise reduction, last image freezing
Monitor(option)   17" progressive-scanning monitor 1024*768

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