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Ventilador ICU SH300

Ventilador ICU SH300
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Ventilador ICU SH300

Ventilador ICU SH300


· 10.4" TFT color screen

· Easy setting by navigator wheel knob and touch key

· Wide choice of ventilation modes including CPAP, APRV, BIPAP

· Flow and pressure trigger

· Static compliance and resistance monitor

· PEEP, P-V loop, V-F loop

· Three-level visual and audible alarm, with concise words describing problems

· Advanced built-in electronic air-oxygen mixing device

· Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor

· Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized

· Backup apnea ventilation

· Auto nebulizer

· Built-in battery

· CE certified




Ventilator setting

Ventilation mode: VCV, PCV, PSV, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, SPONT, CPAP, backup apnea ventilation, APRV, BIPAP (optional)

Tidal volume: 50~1500ml

Breath rate: 1~100bpm

SIMV breath rate: 1~40bpm

Inspiratory time: 0.1~12s

Pause time: 0~4.8s

Pressure trgger sensitivity: (PEEP-20cmH2O)~PEEPcmH2O

Flow trigger sensitivity: 1~20LPM

PSV: 0~70cmH2O

High pressure: 1~80cmH2O

Low pressure: 0~79cmH2O

Waveforms displayed: P-T, F-T, V-T, P-V loop, V-F loop

PEEP/CPAP: 0~50cmH2O

FiO2: 21~100%

Psupp: 0~70cmH2O

Pinsp: 5~70cmH2O

Thigh: 0.1~30s

Tlow: 0.5~30s

Phigh: 5~70cmH2O

Plow: 0~50cmH2O

Alarm silence: ≤120s

Parameters monitored: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspn, f, fspn, FiO2, Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, PEEP, Pmin, Compliance, Resistance

Interface: RS232, VGA


Assist functions

Freeze: Freeze current screen and suspend real-time data

Insp hold: 15s max

Exp hold: 15s max

O2 suction: 100% O2 for 2 munites

Manual insp



MV-upper limit: 0~99L

MV-lower limit: 0~99L

Paw-upper limit: 0.1~8KPa

Paw-lower limit: 0~7.9KPa

VTE-upper limit: 0.05~2.00L, OFF

Rate-upper limit: 0~100bpm

Rate-low limit: 0~99bpm

Tapnea: 15~60s

FiO2-upper limit: 21~100%

FiO2-lower limit: 21~99%

Main failure, Battery low, Battery discharged, Air/O2 supply down, Circuit occlusion


Power and environmental

Power: AC110~240V, 50~60Hz, DC 12V, 4.4AH

Power comsumption: 65VA

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven, electronically controlled

Air/O2 supply: Pressure 0.28~0.6MPa >50L/min

Temperature: Operation 10~40°c;    Storage -20~55°c

Relative humidity: Operation ≤80%, non-condensing;    Storage ≤93%, non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure: Operation 70~106KPa


Order information

Option: Compressor

Accessories: Power cord, Gas pipeline, Patient circuit, Face mask, Humidifier, Support arm


12.1 inch TFT touch screen

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